Gift Certificate - Gly Glow Deluxe Treatment

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Gift Certificate - Gly Glow Deluxe Treatment

$ 320.00 USD

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This is a medical grade, result oriented treatment that focuses on clearing out congestion and rejuvenating the skin. We use Alpha and Beta-Hydroxy acids to break down dead surface cell buildup that cause and contribute to acne and dull, aging skin. This is followed with extensive, precise extractions. Our signature AOS treatment mask is then applied to clarify, calm and cool the skin after extractions. The mask centers on its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects using ingredients that slow bacteria growth in blemished skin as well as hydration, brightening and tightening. The mask is then followed by our famous combination LED light therapy to speed up healing, kill bacteria, tighten and tone the skin.

Depending on your skins needs, the treatment finishes off with either additional LED light therapy, a custom retinol solution, microcurrent, a deep hydroquinone peel, or an oxygen treatment.

This helps to lifting pigment and lighten hyperpigmentation / discoloration, dramatically smoothing textured and scarred skin, evening overall skin tone and tightening the skin. The deluxe facial is a signature treatment in that it’s customized to the individual based on their skin and main concerns so we can address those underlying issues while boosting and maintaining the overall health and clarity of the skin.All first treatments include a full set of samples for morning and night, specific to your skins individual needs in order maintain and boost the results of your treatment. 

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